Sizing & Care

All of our hats are unisex and adjustable, either with a strap or an elastic at the back.  They will fit heads sized 21"-24".  We can make larger hats on request but cannot guarantee fabric availability.  To be sure of the fit measure your head using a string and a ruler or measure a hat you already own.

Fifo hats also fit under a helmet.  If your hat feels too tight under your helmet at first try removing some padding from the inside of your helmet.  After a couple of weeks of wear, the fabric layers bond and mold to the shape of your head and will feel more comfortable under your helmet.  At this point you may have to replace any padding you removed from your helmet.

We recommend that all of our hats be hand washed in luke warm water with a little soap and air dried.  This not only prevents shrinking but is more environmentally-friendly and kinder to the fabric.  To speed up drying you can roll your hat in a towel before hanging or laying flat to dry. Our lightweight cotton hats can be rinsed in cool water before riding on hot days.

Waxed cotton items will hold their water resistance indefinitely.  If however, a waxed item is regularly exposed to harsh weather conditions,  wax should be re-applied annually.  Please contact us for a tin of wax if you need it.

The leather on our garments is veg tanned in the US and will soften and wear over time.  This will add character and suppleness to the product.  Leather straps and holes are sized with stretching in mind.  Holes may feel tight at first but will relax settle after wear.

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