About Us


Checking pattern layout on test printsFifo Cycle was founded in 2007 with a mission to make unique and long-lasting accessories locally.   Based in Red Hook, Brooklyn the company takes inspiration from the neighborhood's maritime history and the necessity for biking in all kinds of weather.

Growing up in Ireland, founder Fiona Ryan developed an appreciation for natural materials and a respect for the traditional crafts that were passed down through word of mouth.  The idea that families can be supported by a cottage industry and in turn support their local community is all too rare today but something has sparked in Brooklyn that is giving local designers some hope for the future of sustainable manufacturing.

At Fifo We consider that when someone buys a product, they should want know everything about it.  The design should provoke questions about where it came from, who made it and how far it has traveled.  These are important questions.
We have honored one underlying design principle - by prudently sourcing materials, refining patterns, and expanding techniques to improve functionality, the style will take care of itself.

Fifo Cycle sees their products embarking on new adventures where they become essential, long-lasting, timeless pieces to be treasured and enjoyed.


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